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Ninja Turtle, you better stop poking me.

Happy to be back on the bike this weekend. The kiddo didn’t have a riding lesson today which freed up a significant amount of my morning so I had to take advantage. This was also my first opportunity to try out the new winter base layer and jersey and they worked great. Did ride with my summer gloves and later in the ride my fingers were definitely cold. Also could have used some toe covers but I only own full shoe covers and I think they would have been too much.

Felt really good on the bike. Still trying to get everything dialed in with minor saddle adjustments. Today felt the best I’ve felt in a while. Will probably stick with this setup for a while and see how it pans out. If I can get into the fitter for some cleat spacers/wedges I think I’ll be even better.

Mostly Sunny, 54°F, Feels like 54°F, Humidity 19%, Wind 7mph from SE – by
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Total distance: 68.57 mi
Max elevation: 3227 ft
Min elevation: 1801 ft
Total climbing: 3843 ft
Total descent: -3798 ft
Average speed: 17.95 mi/h
Total time: 04:30:44

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