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Evening Commute – 2021.05.27

Pretty average ride home tonight. Felt relatively good, but had trouble really getting comfortable in the saddle. Not sure if it’s a fit issue or a bib issue.

Not sure if I’ll be riding in tomorrow or not. What’s that yous say? “But Elvis you don’t ride on Fridays.” True but last Friday was Bike to Work day and I missed out so thought this Friday could serve as a make up. Then I realized my daughter has a dentist appointment first thing in the morning so it may not happen.

Few clouds, 94°F, Feels like 82°F, Humidity 7%, Wind 13mph from E – by

Total distance: 16.73 mi
Max elevation: 3394 ft
Min elevation: 2444 ft
Total climbing: 1335 ft
Total descent: -467 ft
Total time: 01:23:46

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