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Evening Commute – 2021.07.12

To say that was tough would be an understatement, but I think the cycling gods were watching me tonight. Will start with the ride and then the cycling gods.

Was feeling rough right from the start. Legs were tired, achy, and stiff. After some spinning down Harmon they were starting to loosen up. Was feeling pretty good until I made it over to Pecos then the winds started picking up. From there all the way home I felt like I was battling a head wind. Really didn’t help the legs any and thankfully they held out until I got home. They weren’t the only thing.

Before and after my rides I have a specific order of operations I always follow. I was going through my post-ride shake down and setting the bike up against the wall when I hear a pop like a cap gun. At first I’m too tired to think about it and sit down on the small wall to catch my breath. Once I recovered enough I take a look and find that my rear tire had ruptured. Thank the cycling gods that it held together until I got home. If it had gone about a mile earlier it would have caught me making the corner from Solera Sky Drive onto Jada Drive at about 30 MPH. That would have made for a VERY bad time.

Suffice it to say no commuting tomorrow! Then again I was fishing for an excuse not to ride the entire way home as it was.

Mostly sunny-Mostly sunny, 112°F-111°F, Feels like 111°F-111°F, Humidity 14%-16%, Wind E 9mph-SE 10mph – by

Total distance: 16.73 mi
Max elevation: 2967 ft
Min elevation: 2047 ft
Total climbing: 1271 ft
Total descent: -430 ft
Total time: 01:26:36
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