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Commute Loop – 2024.05.06

Solid ride today. Before leaving the house, I was worried about the weather because of the cold snap that rolled through over the weekend. It was a little cool right out the door, but once I made it down Democracy the temperature was fine. I changed things up today by adding an interval along LVB between Via Inspirada and Volunteer. It’s a nice long uninterrupted stretch of road, and served its purpose beautifully.

Ride home was rather uneventful. I did catch Ivan Friedmutter hollering at me out his window as he went by around Pecos and Pebble. If I weren’t in the middle of an effort I would have waved.

Despite feeling some fatigue in the legs I was feeling pretty good all things considered. Looking forward to a day off the bike. Also looking forward to the end of the current semester which is only a few days away. Once that is done and in the books I’ll be able to refocus on work and maybe get back into the gym.

New bike fund: $59.38 (+$0.16)
399 vehicles @ 10.3 per mile, 3 per minute, Speeds: 36.5 mph (avg), 69.2 mph (max) — by
Sunny-Mostly sunny, 56°F-80°F, Feels like 59°F-81°F, Humidity 26%-11%, Wind NNW 3mph-S 4mph — by Report —
Weather Impact: 3.6%
Headwind: 56% @ 5.4-26.4mph
Longest Headwind: 36m 10s
Air Speed: 18.2mph
Temp: 52.4-78.2°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 38.88 mi
Max elevation: 3033 ft
Min elevation: 1912 ft
Total climbing: 1637 ft
Total descent: -1677 ft
Total time: 11:51:59
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