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They were supposed to squirt orange juice.

Finally a ride without wind! Felt really good after making some minor adjustments to the bike. Unfortunately, one adjustment would bit me later.

I stopped to help another cyclist with a quick patch job that didn’t seem to take. As I left instead of stopping to resume my music from my phone I figured, “I can pull it out of my back pocket and fire it up without stopping.” Yeah, that didn’t work so well. Dropped my phone, and in the process of doing an emergency stop went tail over head. That pre-ride front brake adjustment was a little too much and in my panic to stop I cinched down on the front causing me to go over.

Embarrassed because I just wiped out in front of the guy I was just helping I picked my bike up and tried to save some face. Bike appeared ok until I noticed my left bar end was completely destroyed and the brake lever was bent up pretty good. Other than that everything looked ok, so I mounted up and spun on. It wasn’t until the climb up to Gibson while along Horizon Ridge that I looked down, because I was grinding away, and noticed a wobble in my rear tire.

I continued on until Acacia Park where I stopped to take a better look. I’d hoped that it was a scuff on the tire causing an optical illusion of the tire being untrue. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Anyway, finished up the ride without any additional issues. Writing this after a nice large bottle of Gatorade, 800 Mg of Advil, and a shower. Will be loading the bike up later this afternoon to take it over to the LBS for new bar ends, front derailleur cable replacement (long time coming), and either get the rear wheel trued or replaced. Last I checked they were advertising 7-14 days out for repairs so may not be on the bike for a while. 🙁

Clear, 60°F, Feels like 60°F, Humidity 30%, Wind 4mph from SW – by
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Total distance: 35.46 mi
Max elevation: 3194 ft
Min elevation: 1983 ft
Total climbing: 2027 ft
Total descent: -2037 ft
Total time: 02:51:34
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