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Morning Commute – 2020.10.13

Ooooo almost dipping into the 50s! The temps continue to drop, and actually felt it a little more than usual today. Poor feet actually a little cold today arriving at work. May have to bust out the wool socks and shoe covers sooner rather than later.

Other than the slightly cooler temperature, the weather was beautiful this morning. Great sunrise that just lit up the skies again. Felt really good coming in. Not crushing it, but not exactly cruising either. A good balance of both.

Clear, 61°F, Feels like 61°F, Humidity 26%, Wind 3mph from NW – by

Total distance: 16.74 mi
Max elevation: 2940 ft
Min elevation: 1954 ft
Total climbing: 342 ft
Total descent: -1244 ft
Total time: 01:00:57

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