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I’m emotionally constipated, I haven’t given a s*** in weeks.

Nothing like a rip around River Mountains Loop Trail to bring your thoughts about your fitness back to Earth. Thought I was making some solid progress and getting faster and stronger, but be damned if I didn’t feel one once out of that improvement out there today.

Had thought about starting this ride from the house, but that would have put me close to an 80 mile trip. In hindsight I’m glad that I didn’t. I think the extra climb home would have nuked my legs. As it is, the ride after the bike statue in Boulder City was awesome. It was mostly downhill all the way to Acacia Park. Really helped improve my mood and end the ride on a high note.

Clear, 91°F, Feels like 91°F, Humidity 7%, Wind 2mph from E – by
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Total distance: 49.3 mi
Max elevation: 2665 ft
Min elevation: 1281 ft
Total climbing: 3686 ft
Total descent: -3665 ft
Average speed: 17.72 mi/h
Total time: 03:11:48

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