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Evening Commute – 2020.10.21

Nice ride home tonight. Wasn’t really trying to crush it, but then again I don’t think my legs would have allowed me to if I’d wanted. Sunset was again beautiful, but sad that the beauty comes from such destruction.

Once I was home and the ride uploaded, I was surprised to receive a notification that I completed the October Cycling Climbing Challenge. Back when I first joined Strava I never thought I would complete one of the larger monthly challenges and here I’ve completed the climbing challenge. Now I just need 200-400+ more miles to complete the two distance challenges.

Clear, 90°F, Feels like 90°F, Humidity 7%, Wind 6mph from SSE – by

Total distance: 16.75 mi
Max elevation: 2922 ft
Min elevation: 1972 ft
Total climbing: 1245 ft
Total descent: -374 ft
Total time: 01:31:46

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