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Morning Commute – 2020.12.02

Chilly and brisk morning for a ride. Knowing stronger winds are forecast for this evening I rode in anyway. Those evening winds will be out of the NNE which should give me a nice push home. Keeping my fingers crossed.

The worst part of the wind this morning was the first five miles from my house to Anthem Hills Park. Just getting started, I hadn’t warmed up yet to the high speed downhill runs combined with the head wind made it feel especially cold. Also kinda sucks to feel like you’re grinding on a section that is usually pretty free wheeling. Once I got down to Pecos the wind didn’t feel as strong which made the remainder of the ride in nice.

Sunny, 40°F, Feels like 39°F, Humidity 31%, Wind 8mph from NNE – by

Total distance: 16.75 mi
Max elevation: 3031 ft
Min elevation: 1974 ft
Total climbing: 366 ft
Total descent: -1338 ft
Total time: 01:02:20

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