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From My First Summer in the Sierra II

A few more quotes from John Muir’s My First Summer in the Sierra. I finally finished it a few weeks ago and had these quotes saved and finally made some time to get them posted here.

The first is from Chapter 4, “To the High Mountains”

It seems extravagant to spend hours so precious in sleep. “He giveth his beloved sleep.”. Pity the poor beloved needs it, weak, weary, forspent; oh, the pity of it, to sleep in the midst of eternal, beautiful motion instead of gazing forever, like the stars.

The second quote comes from Chapter 9, “Bloody Canon and Mono Lake”

Yet it seems sad to feel such desperate repulsion from one’s fellow beings, however degraded. To prefer the society of squirrels and woodchucks to that of our own species must surely be unnatural.

That just about wraps up My First Summer in the Sierra. I feel this may be the last John Muir book i pick up. I don’t know why but the two books I’ve read of his were some of the hardest for me to complete. At times his writing turns complex and is hard to follow, however there are sections that are truly beautiful and worth taking the time to read. Wish more of his work was like this small excerpts.

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