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Morning Commute – 2020.12.08

Another gorgeous morning for a ride. On the cool side, but not bad once you get moving. Really enjoying riding on the road bike. Just have to get a few minor things dialed in before it’ll be perfect.

A little slower than yesterday morning, but not by much. Had to take it easy through Sunset Park. Think they had a water main break and there was water on all over creating some decent size puddles. Didn’t want to just barrel through them and get drenched. Hope they have it fixed before the ride home tonight.

Sunny, 41°F, Feels like 41°F, Humidity 24%, Wind 4mph from E – by

Total distance: 16.77 mi
Max elevation: 3026 ft
Min elevation: 1997 ft
Total climbing: 427 ft
Total descent: -1373 ft
Average speed: 21.41 mi/h
Average cadence: 84 RPM
Average heart rate: 146 BPM
Average temperature: 43.16 °F
Total time: 00:57:32

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