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Morning Commute – 2021.04.15

Happy that the southerly winds have died down enough to allow a ride into work. I commute for fun, not because I have to. When the weather report says winds out of the south at 15+ MPH, I’m staying home that day. 1,200 ft of elevation gain into a headwind isn’t my idea of a good time. However, I am looking forward to the trip home as the winds are forecast to shift to be out of the north.

Was really cruising and feeling good when I started to feel really bouncy. Felt myself bouncing up and down, even saw the nose of my saddle moving up and down. It was a really odd feeling. Thought it was me just putting down the power until I looked down and saw my rear was flat! Pulled over onto the sidewalk near Pecos and Robindale and got to work. Thankfully I had everything needed to make for a quick repair, and I was back on my way in 20 minutes. Not too shabby for my first on ride repair, if I do say so myself.

Clear sky, 53°F, Feels like 45°F, Humidity 35%, Wind 7mph from S – by

Total distance: 17.12 mi
Max elevation: 3009 ft
Min elevation: 1981 ft
Total climbing: 575 ft
Total descent: -1514 ft
Average speed: 20.67 mi/h
Total time: 01:22:00

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