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Hooray. He’s kicked the ball. Now the ball’s over there. That man has it now. That’s an interesting development. Maybe he’ll kick the ball. He has indeed and apparently that deserves a round of applause.

I’m a moron and instead of pausing my previous ride I actually completely stopped the recording. Dur hur hur. Anyway picking up where we left off…

Rey and his crew rolled in and come to find out a few of them I already follow here on Strava! Nice to put even more faces and voices to people I’ve seen here on Strava. Well come to find out they all live down the hill in Inspirada, perfect!

We hung out, enjoyed some lunch, and then a group of 5-6 of us all rolled out to head home. Amigo was the first street where a couple guys peeled off, a couple more on Raider’s Way, and then the last two in Inspirada. It was definitely different, in a good way, to be riding with a group. Something I hope to do more of in the future.

After the last guy peeled off I was on my own to head out to Democracy to climb the hill home. Ended up doing and feeling pretty good at the end of it all. Then had to turn my attention to bike maintenance (tire patch and cleaning) before finally getting a chance to write this, relax, and enjoy the remainder of the day.

Clear sky, 80°F, Feels like 66°F, Humidity 10%, Wind 16mph from N – by
Give your activities the names they deserve. – by

Total distance: 12.49 mi
Max elevation: 2961 ft
Min elevation: 2142 ft
Total climbing: 1010 ft
Total descent: -296 ft
Average speed: 15.12 mi/h
Total time: 00:56:44

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