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Evening Commute – 2021.06.22

Ugh stupid computer restarted randomly again. Thankfully I was still mid ride and after the restart all I had to to was hit start for it to pick up where it’d left off. Once I was home I connected it to my laptop and found that it was full. It seems that not deleting old rides from the device is a bad thing. Cleared out the history and I think we’re back in business. Will see tomorrow.

Tonight was another bike handling clinic. Had some decent gusts blowing me around, but it didn’t feel as bad as yesterday. As much as the wind sucks, I appreciate the extra “cooling” it affords. After riding the past two days in the wind I’m kinda disappointed that I haven’t ridden more in it. Does it add some difficulty, yes. Is it as bad as I thought, not really.

Ride home was nice overall. Loving the cooler temperature. Nice not feeling like I’m in an air fryer the moment I leave work.

Mostly cloudy-Cloudy, 101°F-102°F, Feels like 94°F-96°F, Humidity 8%-9%, Wind SW 13mph-SW 11mph – by

Total distance: 16.7 mi
Max elevation: 3116 ft
Min elevation: 2184 ft
Total climbing: 1308 ft
Total descent: -459 ft
Total time: 01:21:39

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