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Evening Commute – 2021.06.24

Not a bad way to end the week. Looking forward to my three day weekend.

Was hanging out in the office around 1 and heard the oddest noise and knew it had to be rain. Headed outside and it was just pouring down. Kinda got me excited that I might get a break from the heat, sun, a bit of rain, or all three. Imagine my disappointment when 5 rolled around and we were back to bright and shiny with not a cloud overhead.

At some points along the ride it felt like I was dodging land mines. All down Harmon and up McLeod there was just SO much crap in the bike lane. All the flotsam and jetsam that got washed out into the street when the skies had opened up earlier in the day. Was honestly surprised I didn’t get a flat.

Learned the only thing more stressful than trying to go through an intersection with the traffic lights out in a car is doing it on a bike. From the looks of things a power pole near Tropicana and McLeod took a lightning strike and, while crews were on-site trying to repair it, the light at the intersection was out. When I first rolled up I stopped short in the shade thinking the light was red. Was only after I thought I saw someone running the light that I realized it was completely out. Seeing that I mounted up, approached, and rolled through with another vehicle.

Overall, other than the land mines, the ride home was pretty nice. Definitely warm and definitely humid, but much better than last week. Felt pretty good with this being day four. Looking forward to some rest before doing it all again next week.

Mostly sunny-Mostly sunny, 93°F-94°F, Feels like 90°F-91°F, Humidity 21%-20%, Wind SSW 10mph-SSE 4mph – by

Total distance: 16.7 mi
Max elevation: 3124 ft
Min elevation: 2185 ft
Total climbing: 1251 ft
Total descent: -392 ft
Total time: 01:22:22

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