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I’ve always enjoyed the camaraderie of good friends competing in games of chance and skill.

Another tough ride with the Lifetime crew. Things started fast right out of the gate with the climb up Carnegie to Horizon Ridge and didn’t get much better from there.

It wasn’t until the climb up Executive Airport started that an A group started to stretch it out leaving a small B group of six, including myself, to bring up the rear. Regrouped with the A group at the Avenida Brancusi round-a-bout before pushing out Via Inspirada to LVB. At this point I started to struggle to even keep up with the trail of the B group. This time Mindy dropped back, picked me up and pulled me up to the rest of our team of six.

A quick dash up LVB before heading east along Volunteer. Then the pain really started as we climbed up the double along Anthem Pkwy. Pretty much just downshifted and resigned myself to grind it out. There was a regroup just after Bicentennial before the second climb and another at the top at Merrimack Valley.

From there is was mostly down hill, thankfully. The entire group was just FLYING down Anthem Pkwy and into Reunion. Just watching from the rear I almost lost my jaw on the floor. I don’t have the stones to rip into corners like that. Then again saw another demonstration making the turn onto McCullough Hills Pkwy before cutting through Anthem Hills Park.

Nice rip down Sandy Ridge, across Sunridge Heights, back to Carnegie. At this point the main group continued on Carnegie back to the gym while Joseph and I cut across Cozy Hill to Amargosa Trail before heading over to Mothership for coffee and pastry.

Hung out with everyone for around an hour I’d guess. Kinda lost track of time and honestly wasn’t paying attention. Finally mounted up and started for home. I pass through this area several times a week so just decided to take the commute route home. Decided my legs hadn’t had enough, so added on the Atchley/Somersworth climb.

Finally, passed a couple guys, Tony and Don (?), who were out for a ride. Instead of blowing past them I slowed up and we had a little chat. Seems they were out on their full suspension mountain bikes and going to “go up the big hill” and had been doing it daily since the Tour de France had started. After a little more talking I realize they were referring to Pukenberg. I explained to them Strava and segments and all about that climb. They thought it was great and then asked me to join them. Thankfully I had an excuse, “Would love to join you guys but I’m already almost 45 miles in after nearly getting my legs ripped off in a group ride.” If I catch them out there again I may just take them up on it.

Partly sunny-Mostly sunny, 97°F-100°F, Feels like 96°F-100°F, Humidity 25%-23%, Wind SE 10mph-SE 8mph – by
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Total distance: 45.38 mi
Max elevation: 2995 ft
Min elevation: 2232 ft
Total climbing: 2484 ft
Total descent: -2516 ft
Total time: 03:38:58

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