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Hey, sometimes good things come from boredom.

Wow just wow. Totally awesome ride today.

Started super early by meeting my boy Mark over at Anthem Hills Park. From there we noodled over to Mountains Edge Park to join up with the Adobo Velo crew. Nice way to get the blood flowing and the legs loosened up.

First destination was the Green Valley Grocery on Las Vegas Blvd and Volunteer to meet up with the GVC gang. Ride over was pretty fast. Attribute that to it mostly being downhill and everyone being anxious to get rolling.

Ended up picking up quite a few more riders at the stop. About 20 in total.

Setting out maintained a decent pace line for a bit. Then some of the faster riders, myself included, started getting anxious. A few pulled out and started passing the line and I jumped out and joined in. Pace jumped from 13 MPH to around 18 MPH.

And just like last trip out to Jean, after the tracks all bets were off and everyone was just trying to hammer one another. Someone flying past you one second was getting gobbled up the next by the guy on his wheel. Everyone cycling through taking pulls, holding wheels, jockeying for position. Was a great time.

With a quick stop at the Chevron out of the way we started the arduous climb to Goodsprings. Felt really good about the climb. Tried to keep the head down, maintain a steady cadence, and power output and ended up averaging around 250 watts for the duration of the climb. Paid off when we stopped at the top and I didn’t feel completely destroyed.

Once regrouped we all decided to take the ‘Goodsprings Loop’ and I’m glad we did. Was beautiful and a nice change of scenery.

The decent from Goodsprings was kinda rowdy with everyone itching to lead the group out. Pretty much a race to one of the two Chevrons in Jean for a quick stop before another pace line back to the M.

Again things got exciting. With an encouraging tailwind, a group of 5-6 of us started to put the hammer down. Pulled off enough separation to leave the rest of the group behind. Eventually our lead pack got broken up even more and somehow I was able to hold the wheel of the lead out (I think it was George). Managed to stay with him until he got tired of pulling me and let me pass. My mistake was continuing to hammer while he recharged on my wheel. Didn’t take long before he came back around with a vengeance and I was all burned up. Once the gap was open there was nothing I could do to hold his wheel. Also feel I was just about out of gearing as well.

Final regroup at M Casino before saying goodbyes and parting ways with a small group of us turning east to head home.

Overall was a great ride and, writing this a few hours later, I’m surprised how good I feel. Sure I’m tired and the legs are sore, but I’m not a zombie. Better get to bed early though,

Give your activities the names they deserve. – by
Partly cloudy-Mostly sunny, 87°F-95°F, Feels like 85°F-92°F, Humidity 29%-21%, Wind S 5mph-SE 4mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: -10.3%
Headwind: 62% @ 4.9-10mph
Longest Headwind: 01h 18m 55s
Air Speed: 17.7mph
Temp: 75.5-91.5°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 87.9 mi
Max elevation: 3715 ft
Min elevation: 2332 ft
Total climbing: 4042 ft
Total descent: -4088 ft
Total time: 06:20:08

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