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That mustache! It’s like the world’s sexiest push broom.

Bummed that the Friday Lifetime rides are coming to an end. I’ve only been participating the past month but they’ve become something I look forward to every Friday. Hopefully they pick back up next year.

Had a really great time. Gobbled up a ton of PRs with a huge kuddos to Mike Kennedy for bullying…err…coaching me up the Anthem Parkway climb. I’m fully aware that climbing is my weakness, but having someone coaching you along while you’re hearts going 180 bpm helps tons.

After getting my legs shredded and leaving my heart somewhere along Anthem Pkwy, I got to enjoy a wonderful meal at my Friday breakfast joint Scrambled. Had my usual and even got to spend a few minutes with the little darling after she’d dropped the kiddo off at school.

Ride into work was uneventful but nice. Was definitely tired from the earlier slaughter and really felt it along Pecos before Warm Springs. A slight headwind may have also contributed to the slowness. Now to get cleaned up and get to work.

Give your activities the names they deserve. – by
Mostly clear-Sunny, 78°F-75°F, Feels like 75°F-72°F, Humidity 27%-25%, Wind NNW 2mph-SW 4mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: -4.8%
Headwind: 55% @ 3.7-9.3mph
Longest Headwind: 19m 16s
Air Speed: 19.3mph
Temp: 69.2-72.4°F
Precip: 2% @ 0.06 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 43.46 mi
Max elevation: 3041 ft
Min elevation: 1947 ft
Total climbing: 2186 ft
Total descent: -3117 ft
Total time: 03:47:24

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