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Hedgehogs, why don’t they just share the hedge?

Another last minute decision to get out on the bike. Besides who wants their first ride of the year to be a commute? Well not this guy.

Getting out in the early AM on Sundays is tough for me. Daughter has riding lessons first thing in the morning, followed by breakfast with the wife, and finally back to pickup the kiddo from the ranch. Having a ride start at noon on Sundays works great for me.

Had to really hustle to get down to Pebble Marketplace to make the start. Didn’t ride down which threw a couple people off, but made for a nice relaxing drive home after the ride.

Overall the ride went great. Felt really good considering I’ve logged 140+ miles in the past week. Especially after Friday’s big ride which had everyone suffering. Had a blast on the descent to the Lake Mead gate and on the Galleria cruise. Great ride with a great group.

Give your activities the names they deserve. – by
Sunny-Sunny, 43°F-47°F, Feels like 43°F-47°F, Humidity 22%-16%, Wind N 3mph-N 3mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 1.5%
Headwind: 50% @ 3.3-5.7mph
Longest Headwind: 01h 0m 46s
Air Speed: 16.7mph
Temp: 41.4-46.6°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 48.19 mi
Max elevation: 2473 ft
Min elevation: 1336 ft
Total climbing: 2594 ft
Total descent: -2528 ft
Total time: 03:29:27

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