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So what if he’s the devil, Rick? At least the devil has a job. At least he’s active in the community.

That was a fun one. Had planned on riding down to Pebble Marketplace to ride out with GVC, but received a text that another group of guys would be riding out earlier if I wanted to join.

Rolled into Anthem Hills Park right as everyone was showing up. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. After a brief discussion we decided that we’d ride out to Lake Las Vegas with Lifetime and then ride to Pebble Marketplace with our own group for the GVC pizza gathering.

Ride out was pretty tough, but it’s expected being a Lifetime ride. The headwind certainly didn’t help things any. The stretch along Galleria was the worst. Was doing pretty well riding about 5th wheel until I looked up started seeing a small gap open up. Looked up a minute later and that gap had grown to a point where I wasn’t going to bring it back. Decided that group of three were welcome to go to town and I just kept riding my ride. The rest of us stuck together until Terrazza Park.

Once at the park our small group of seven, we picked up one, stopped for a bit while the rest of the Lifetime B group went on to do a LLV loop. After our quick break we discussed the route and decided to do a LLV loop, ride out to Lake Mead, and then head back to Pebble Marketplace.

The LLV loop went well. Little bit of a headwind riding up, but after that it was pretty much tailwind the rest of the ride. Lake Mead was nice until Mark got a flat before Warm Springs. Then Warm Springs was going good until Brian got a flat before Boulder Hwy. Thankfully that would be the last of the mechanicals.

As we were climbing Gibson, Mark suggested taking the new UPRR extension over to, and eventually through, Cornerstone Park. It was my first time riding that new extension and must say I’m impressed. Smooth pavement and nice to get away from traffic for a bit.

Rolled into Pebble Marketplace and after a little confusion found where the GVC gang had setup. Our group hung out for a few minutes, visited, enjoyed some snacks (including pizza), and then mounted up to head home.

Took a pretty circuitous route back trying to avoid some sketchier, for cyclists that is, parts of Green Valley. It was a pretty chill ride back and we all had a nice time enjoying each other’s company, visiting, and chatting. Awesome awesome time.

T-Minus 33 days until PCBR.
Give your activities the names they deserve. – by
Mostly sunny-Mostly sunny, 62°F-68°F, Feels like 62°F-65°F, Humidity 10%-7%, Wind N 11mph-NNE 10mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 2%
Headwind: 49% @ 10.8-24.8mph
Longest Headwind: 40m 16s
Air Speed: 16.5mph
Temp: 57.6-63.6°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 53.23 mi
Max elevation: 3051 ft
Min elevation: 1430 ft
Total climbing: 3262 ft
Total descent: -3266 ft
Total time: 04:41:27

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