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TEAM G/LV5 Memorial Ride w/ Extra Credit

Sitting here staring at the screen feeling like I don’t have much to say. I’m mostly tired from rolling out of bed at 4:30 and today’s ride. Could use a nap that’s for certain. Probably hitting the sack early tonight.

Robert shared this on the Adobo Velo Facebook page earlier this week. Then a couple days ago John Reyes asked if I was riding to the start. At first I wasn’t sure because I thought I was going to a UNLV basketball game this afternoon, but when I realized it was at MGM and not park of my season ticket package my Saturday afternoon freed up. I let John know I would be riding over and shared the same on the Adobo Velo Facebook page. I also fired off a few text messages to my peeps Joy and Mark to let them know I’d be riding over. When I went to bed last night we had a total of five riding over to the start from Anthem Hills Park.

As I mentioned earlier, I was up at 4:30 in order to get some breakfast and coffee into me before the ride. Sadly I was later rolling out than I’d hoped and had to ride straight to the park. Normally I add in a Somersworth Loop along the way for extra miles and elevation but there wasn’t enough time. I rolled into the park right about the same time as Joy, Anna, and Jon Trimble did. Mark rolled up maybe a minute later and we hit the road.

Picked up John at Sunridge Heights and Seven Hills and we started cruising towards Summerlin. The first goal was Mountains Edge Park. I’d mentioned on the Adobo Velo Facebook page that we’d be rolling through there between 6:45 and 7:00 for those who wanted to ride from there. With the Trimble locomotive on the front were were making serious time and rolled up at almost exactly 6:45. We all took a quick break before rolling out of the park at 7:00.

Ride up to West Career & Technical Academy went smooth and fast. Did fall back a couple times to pick up some stragglers. The cold was certainly getting to some and making the ride harder. Not a big deal we’d left with plenty of time in the bank to make it to the start on time.

Rolled in to West Career & Technical Academy and met up with some other Adobo Velos and the larger group in general. Was really impressed with the turn out considering the cold. I’d guess the temperature was between 35-40, definitely chilly. Some words of remembrance were spoken for TEAMG, we were asked to stick together until the Overlook, and we rolled out.

The ride out was great. The first part to the Overlook was a nice chill ride. Most everyone was riding two abreast and chit chatting away. We rolled into the Overlook for a couple pictures before rolling out towards Blue Diamond. Now we were released to ride like demons and like demons we rode. Honestly, I knew I would be aiming for a century today so I didn’t get out with the large lead group and I also didn’t think I would be fast enough to hang with them either. I did find a solid group to roll with and we made really good time all the way to the NV-159/160 intersection. My little group continued west along Blue Diamond and I peeled off to stop at the Terrible’s at the corner because I’d looked over and seen Trimble in his AV kit, which stood out like a sore thumb, thankfully.

We hung out for a few minutes while we waited for the remainder of our AV group to roll in. When they did we figured out who was riding where. Some were returning back to Henderson from Terrible’s. Some where heading east to return via Fort Apache, similar to the way we rode in. Finally, some, myself included, were returning by doubling back the way we came. Besides, we had to go back to the Overlook to get Joy’s gloves!

The ride back was kinda chill relatively speaking. Jon was out in front pulling us around, but I could tell he wasn’t pushing nearly as hard as he could be. He’d burned a few matches leading out the large fast group on the out ride. Lord knows I’m not going to complain about not blowing up on the climbs back.

We made a quick stop at the Overlook so Joy could collect her forgotten gloves and Jon could down a gel. Rolling out our next stop would be for coffee and pastry at Pedal & Pour. The next 14.5 miles were kinda a blur. We were moving averaging around 25 MPH for the entire segment. Jon and I were swapping back and forth leading out our small group. As we came down to Maule Jon and I tried to catch a Lexus just in front of us. I’m not 100% certain I did, but it was fun to try until I dropped my chain. Thankfully I was able to get woahed up just past Pedal & Pour, fix my chain, and then double back.

After a nice 30 minute break for coffee and pastry we rolled out. At Jon’s suggestion we rolled south along Fort Apache before making the long run down Blue Diamond to Dean Martin. Unfortunately, we only got another 7 miles in before another 30 minute break. We had been making good time and started the climb over the tracks when Jon slowed up with a flat. We ended up fixing it twice because I think we may have pinched the first replacement tube. Thankfully we had a second tube and it held.

Dean Martin to Starr was a nice cruise. Always a pleasure to just roll without having to stop or fight with traffic. Took a couple pulls along Starr as we made our way over to Volunteer. At Jon’s request we made another stop at the 76 on the corner of Volunteer and Via Inspirada. We hung out for 15 minutes to grab a small bite to eat before hitting the road for the final segment that would take us to a century.

Ride out Via Inspirada was tough as we were picking up a head wind. As we rounded the round-a-bouts and set off toward LVB it lessened some. The segment along LVB went quick. I’d gaped our group a little and they managed to chase me down before we turned onto Volunteer. A quick rip across Volunteer and then back into the headwind and up Via Inspirada.

There was some minor confusion at the Bicentennial dog bone. I’d thought we were going straight to Starbucks, but Jon, Anna, and Joy were wanting 100 BEFORE we stopped. So Jon and Anna went straight and I made the turn onto Bicentennial. I looked back trying to figure out what was going on and when I looked back I was rolling through a pile of porcelain tiles nearly dumping my bike. Thankfully I stayed upright, the Gatorskins held, and Joy and I just rode around the dog bone to come back around to go south along Via Inspirada. We went down to the next round-a-bout and doubled back to Bicentennial. Along this segment Joy hollered that she’d broke 100! We turned onto Bicentennial and rolled into Starbucks, but without Jon. He rolled up a short while later because he needed a few more miles in order to get his 100.

We all got MOAR coffee, sat back and relaxed for a bit. Jon, Anna, and Joy were like a gaggle of school girls talking all their stats. See they had all stopped and uploaded their rides when we stopped. I was the bastard red-headed step-child that still had 30 minutes and 7 miles to go before my ride was done.

After hanging out for 30 or so minutes I said my goodbyes and set off for home. Wind was getting even worse and coming out of the southeast. I’m a glutton for punishment and chose to ride up to the water tower AND Sloan Canyon before setting off to do Democracy. Thankfully the homes acted as a wind block so I didn’t get blown around too bad.

Feeling pretty good having logged another century in the books. Dressed about perfectly for the weather. I’d thought of going a little heavier because it was so cold to start, but I’m glad I didn’t. I shed my vest and gloves at our 76 stop and had thought of doing the same before we left Pedal & Pour.

It may sound silly but dressing is one of the things I have difficulty with this time of year. I HATE being cold, then again who doesn’t? At the same time I also HATE when I overheat this time of year. Just misery on top of misery. On my commutes it isn’t too hard because the rides are short. I can over dress and, usually, I don’t have any issues. Longer rides like today are more challenging.

Now I get to hang out and relax with the family. Pizza is ordered and should be here within the half hour. Between the three of us that thing has no hope.

0.56 new miles — From
Mostly cloudy-Mostly sunny, 37°F-60°F, Feels like 37°F-61°F, Humidity 62%-24%, Wind WSW 2mph-E 6mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 7.3%
Headwind: 66% @ 4.3-15.5mph
Longest Headwind: 02h 10m 42s
Air Speed: 19.2mph
Temp: 34.4-55.8°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 106.59 mi
Max elevation: 3861 ft
Min elevation: 2275 ft
Total climbing: 5158 ft
Total descent: -5100 ft
Total time: 08:38:44

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