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Breakfast Commute – 2022.12.16

Had a hawt date for breakfast this morning!

Today was the kids last day of school before winter recess. She’s been doing semester finals the past couple days so she didn’t need to be to school until almost 9 today. I’d asked her last night if she wanted to join me for breakfast and to my surprise she did! Was super stoked and we had a great time.

On the way to work I rolled up to the corner of McLeod and Russell and had a gentleman pull up next to me and tell me, “Hey that light on your helmet is really cool and works great. Made it real easy to see you.” I told him thanks, he wish me a safe ride, and we each rolled on. Nice to know the extra light is doing its job.

It seems I can’t have good without the bad though.

On the way home tonight had to separate scares. Honestly, they weren’t that bad, but, as usual, they could have been worse. First was as I was rolling up to a stop sign at Sandhill from some side street. Guy comes barrelling in making a left onto the road I’m on and cut the corner kinda close. If I’d been a little closer to the intersection I could have been hit. Hard to say, they may have seen me at the stop and not cut the corner. Either way, don’t cut corners kids.

The second was along Solera Sky, someone in a Ford Taurus, I think, didn’t really want to stop at their stop sign and nearly blew it. Again, thankfully they stopped before pulling all the way out. Peeps need to chill out and not be in such a dang hurry.

Anyway, another great week of commuting in the bag. Now to get ready for the group ride tomorrow. Need to get dinner done and some riding clothes cleaned for the ride tomorrow. All my thermal bibs are dirty from this week so might as well throw everything in.

Lastly, I think my Garmin is drunk. Either that or I need to drop everything and go pro.

10.64 new miles — From
Sunny-Clear, 36°F-45°F, Feels like 36°F-45°F, Humidity 53%-29%, Wind W 3mph-NNE 3mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 5.5%
Headwind: 36% @ 3.8-13.7mph
Longest Headwind: 08h 21m 8s
Air Speed: 47.4mph
Temp: 27.5-38.1°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 49.68 mi
Max elevation: 3558 ft
Min elevation: 1949 ft
Total climbing: 2881 ft
Total descent: -2291 ft
Total time: 12:32:20
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