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Cycling Month in Review – February 2023

Time to review last month’s cycling statistics.


Rides: 11
Total Distance: 788.74 Miles
Total Ride Time: 45:07:59 (H:M:S)
Longest Ride: 128.51 Miles – ‘Did anyone else just feel something weird go up their nose?
Calories Burned: 34,503
Total Elevation Gain: 34,767 ft
Average Speed: 17.5 MPH
Average Heart Rate: 143 BPM
Average Cadence: 83 RPM


Commute Days: 5
Distance: 248.00 miles
Money Saved: $108.10
CO2 Saved: 170.42 pounds


Points: 163.4
Miles: 134.1
% Earth Complete: 0.000319%


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