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Did anyone else just feel something weird go up their nose?

During President’s Day weekend we usually travel to California to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday, and this weekend would be no exception. I started planning early for a ride to the beach and kept checking to see if the weather would cooperate. On Thursday evening, the forecast was similar to the weather during the Adobo Velo century a few weeks back. I packed the same gear as last time, but added a vest which I was upset at not bringing last time.

The week leading up to the trip there was some family discussion on when the family would get together for the birthday celebrations. Everyone knew I wanted to ride to the beach on Saturday. When I was told we would be celebrating on Sunday, versus a typical celebration on Saturday, I knew something was amiss. I don’t know the details of the conversation between my wife and mother-in-law, but I’m sure there was some back and forth about me being back in time and able to cook. My father-in-law loves tacos for his birthday dinner and I’ve become the family expert in making the shells and have taken over the duties from my mother-in-law. I convinced the wife that I would easily get the ride done and be back in time to shower and cook and just like that we were back on for Saturday like normal.

During the conversation with the wife I’d said I’d roll at 6 but decided to start an hour earlier to give me some wiggle room and was glad I did.

Started the ride cold. The temps started in the low 40s and I was certainly feeling it. Right out the of in-laws there are a couple quick short descents and boy were they tough. I was shivering some on the second one along the Pacific Electric Trail. Thankfully as I continued west things started warming.

Things were pretty chill an uneventful until I turned onto Todd in Azusa. I came around the corner and short while later spotted a coyote starting to cross the road. He looked at me and started trotting off north away from me. Poor guy must have thought I was chasing him as I followed him up Todd and over to the San Gabriel River Trail (SGRT) where he disappeared.

Then I spotted another coyote along the top of Santa Fe Dam. I was just past the entrance gate as he crossed the road in front of me. He just came up, over, and went down the other side into the recreation area.

I changed things up a little with the route this time. I wanted to try to make it more of a loop than an out and back. In the past, after Santa Fe Dam I’d continue down the SGRT and cross over to the Rio Hondo River Trail (RHRT) at Whittier Narrows. When I was mapping an alternative I saw the Santa Anita Wash Trail (SAWT) was near Santa Fe Dam and connected to the RHRT so let’s go for that. Imagine my surprise when I rolled up to a completely submerged trail just past the two big signs saying “Do not cross when flooded”. I rolled to a stop and just laughed. I snapped a couple pictures, pulled out my phone, and found a route to go around. Thankfully this little mistake only required a three mile detour, but that detour put me exactly where I wanted to be.

Thankfully things from there until Long Beach were great. Nice solid ride along a great trail. When I hit the shoreline I dialed it back and enjoyed the cruise along the beach. Probably one of my favorite segments of the ride.

Rolled in to a busy Bogarts and was disappointed to see their expanded seating was gone. The city must have asked them to remove it. Thankfully they still had plenty of benches and tables along the sidewalk to enjoy. I parked the bike, grabbed an iced cold brew, cinnamon roll, and banana, and pulled up a bench to sit down and unwind for a half hour.

Before rolling out for the ride home I pulled off my leg warmers and vest. The temps were now in the high 50s or low 60s and it was gorgeous.

The ride back was great. Made it to San Dimas before stopping at Pioneer Park for a short rest, refill my water bottles, and finally lose the arm warmers. The brief recharge was just enough to get me the rest of the way home.

Overall it was a great day for a ride. I think I just about have this ride to Bogarts dialed in. I’ll make the one change to avoid the SAWT closure and I’ll consider it done.

Lastly, I’m happy to report I rolled into the house an hour early as I’d hoped. It left me with plenty of time to relax, enjoy some small snacks, and get a shower before starting on family dinner.

12.56 new miles — From
Give your activities the names they deserve. – by
Partly cloudy-Partly sunny, 43°F-64°F, Feels like 44°F-74°F, Humidity 42%-14%, Wind NNE 3mph-SSE 3mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 2.1%
Headwind: 45% @ 2.2-8.4mph
Longest Headwind: 46m 18s
Air Speed: 18mph
Temp: 45.1-67.3°F
Precip: 2% @ 0.03 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 128.59 mi
Max elevation: 1565 ft
Min elevation: -40 ft
Total climbing: 3835 ft
Total descent: -3877 ft
Total time: 08:32:31
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