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It’s so funny how Bandok seems to come up with the perfect names for my rides. I decided to take a ride outside my normal box today and take on a few extra miles. I was really out there busting my butt and as I go later into the ride I just felt like I was doing horribly. Was surprised when I got done that the stats said I did better than I’d thought. Guess it goes to show you’re doing better than you may feel. Worried about tomorrow’s forecast of 20+ MPH winds. Who knows maybe I can make something happen. Definitely need to start back up with sunscreen!

Total distance: 42.23 mi
Max elevation: 2466 ft
Min elevation: 1536 ft
Total climbing: 2119 ft
Total descent: -2024 ft
Average speed: 16.48 mi/h
Total time: 03:00:50

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