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I discovered at a very early age that if I talked long enough, I could make anything right or wrong. So either I’m god, or truth is relative. Either way: Booyah.

Honestly not too much to say about this ride. After yesterday’s century I knew I wanted to get out for another ride. I checked GVC and the rides were all either Cat B and slower, or would be too long. I settled for just spinning around the neighborhood.

After my last recovery ride through the neighborhood, I had thought about making a “figure-8” style route and this is what I settled on. Worked out pretty good and managed to get in four circuits before my pre-determined hour was up. Legs were sore at the start, but they felt better and a little less stiff afterwards.

Overall, I accomplished my goal as I was in Z1 for heart rate for the duration of the ride while remaining in Z2 or lower for power for over 99% of the time. Had to put some power down to get up over some of the humps. Pretty sure this route will be my go-to recovery ride if I’m unable to find anything else on Sundays.

New bike fund: $27.90 (+$0.00)
Give your activities the names they deserve. — by
Sunny-Sunny, 62°F-63°F, Feels like 58°F-65°F, Humidity 49%-49%, Wind SSW 5mph-ESE 4mph — by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 2.3%
Headwind: 57% @ 8.4-24.2mph
Longest Headwind: 5m 27s
Air Speed: 13.6mph
Temp: 52.2-56.1°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 14.44 mi
Max elevation: 3072 ft
Min elevation: 2928 ft
Total climbing: 822 ft
Total descent: -857 ft
Average speed: 15.03 mi/h
Total time: 01:06:34
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