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Hey, the postal service is very reliable, you know! They do tracking numbers now. Like UPS.

What a difference a few hours makes for the temps here in Vegas. It’s almost to the point that if you don’t leave at or before 7:00, maybe 8:00 at the latest, you might as well stay at home. Any later and you’ll start off strong, but the oppressive heat will kick in about halfway through any significant ride and cook you in your own juices.

Got started just before 7:00 and feel the temps were great the entire ride. Some of the climbs at the end through Anthem really got me warmed up mostly as I had no air moving over me. Once you start down the other side and pick up speed the breeze is a welcome relief.

Happy to have put on more than 34 miles this time out. This ride was just shy (0.3 miles) of my longest for this month or since I fell and took
three weeks off. Can tell I’ve been improving because I don’t feel nearly as dead as I did after that first longer ride I did right after getting my wheels back.

Clear, 79°F, Feels like 79°F, Humidity 26%, Wind 5mph from NW – by
Give your rides the names they deserve –

Total distance: 34.46 mi
Max elevation: 3196 ft
Min elevation: 2401 ft
Total climbing: 1781 ft
Total descent: -1807 ft
Total time: 02:31:01
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