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How did I end up like this. Where the fourth most popular pastime is going down to the laundry room and watching my knickers spin dry?

Got a very late start today. Had to go get some blood work done for my annual checkup in a few weeks, and I always follow up those appointments with breakfast at the Henderson Black Bear Diner.

So after my Mini Volcano breakfast I hurried home to get started on my ride as soon as possible to try to avoid the worst of the heat. Looking at the stats I really tore it up out there today. Really felt it afterwards though and was pretty burned out. Glad I stretched it a little to get the overall ride north of 27 miles. Kinda bummed I was short of 28.

Clear, 91°F, Feels like 91°F, Humidity 12%, Wind 4mph from E – by
Ride name auto generated by

Total distance: 27.83 mi
Max elevation: 3193 ft
Min elevation: 2292 ft
Total climbing: 1573 ft
Total descent: -1552 ft
Total time: 02:05:39
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