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Rides on 2020.08.30

Failure is always an option (Ride there)

Not this morning it wasn’t.

My daughter gets into the saddle twice on the weekend. Her’s isn’t for two wheels but four legs. Usually, I get up early on Saturday to put in some miles before heading out to my daughter’s lessons. Having put in some miles late Friday, I used Saturday as a recovery day instead. So I decided I’d take the opportunity for her early lesson to ride out instead of driving.

Failure wasn’t an option, because last time I ditched out on watching her lesson, which was years ago, she got so upset and started crying. Since then I haven’t missed watching a lesson. Thankfully the ride was mostly downhill, went smoothly, and was fast. I’d left early enough to give me 1.5 hours to get there and only ended up needing one.

Felt really good and the weather this morning was absolutely amazing.

Clear, 76°F, Feels like 76°F, Humidity 16%, Wind 6mph from SSW – by

The bottom of the totem pole is the most important part, ’cause it holds up the whole pole. It’s all about the base. (Ride home)

After the kiddo’s lesson I wanted to hurry up and hi tail it home before the worst of the heat set it. Also wasn’t looking forward to the climbs it would take to get home.

As is consistent with me, I try to avoid going home along the same route I took to get to my destination. My cycling isn’t any different. I’m not a big fan of out and backs, but more loop type rides. Same goes with road trips and hikes.

Ride went really well despite the increased heat. I was really impressed with my performance after my right onto Sun City Anthem Drive. This was my first attempt at Hampton Road and it was definitely a grind. Things didn’t get much better climbing Atchley/Somersworth and continuing up to Orangesburg. Will say that the HUGE downhill to the house was a welcome reward for such a tough climb. Now just need to continue to improve my bike handling skills so I can take that hill even faster.

Clear, 85°F, Feels like 85°F, Humidity 9%, Wind 6mph from S – by

Total distance: 34.53 mi
Max elevation: 3081 ft
Min elevation: 2309 ft
Total climbing: 2064 ft
Total descent: -2165 ft
Total time: 03:46:22

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