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Morning Commute – 2020.09.16

Another absolutely beautiful morning. Felt really good this morning despite not sleeping very well. Kept tossing and turning throughout the night. Hit a bunch of green lights and empty intersections today which was nice. Didn’t quite beat my all time fastest moving time. Was short by 1 second.

Clear, 74°F, Feels like 74°F, Humidity 21%, Wind 5mph from WSW – by

Total distance: 16.72 mi
Max elevation: 3012 ft
Min elevation: 2048 ft
Total climbing: 339 ft
Total descent: -1226 ft
Average speed: 19.73 mi/h
Average cadence: 86 RPM
Average heart rate: 153 BPM
Average temperature: 76.10 °F
Total time: 00:59:55

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