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You apparently didn’t put one of the new coversheets on your TPS reports.

Not sure how to describe it but today just wasn’t a ride day for me. As I was getting ready I could see the winds picking up. Once I was under way I knew almost straight away that I should just cut the ride short and enjoy an afternoon at home. Instead I stuck it out and put in this recovery level effort. Maybe things will be better tomorrow.

Clear, 80°F, Feels like 80°F, Humidity 15%, Wind 9mph from SSW – by
Give your activities the names they deserve. – by

Total distance: 43.36 mi
Max elevation: 3127 ft
Min elevation: 1980 ft
Total climbing: 2780 ft
Total descent: -2737 ft
Average speed: 15.43 mi/h
Total time: 03:28:10

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