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Morning Commute – 2020.10.27

Felt great to be up early and riding in to work this morning. Sure it was a little chilly, recorded low of 44.6°F, but all my gear came together perfectly to keep me comfortable.

Looking at my stats, I was slower today than my average and that’s fine. I’m starting to think I need to worry about stats on these commute rides less and focus on just enjoying the ride. I have a sinking suspicion that my poor performance on Saturday was because I burnt myself out on my commutes. To me that’s just unacceptable. The weekend rides are supposed to be my long, fun, enjoyable, cycling ‘dessert’ rides and Saturday was anything but. Also have to consider that the jacket I was wearing today was the opposite of aero and contributed significantly to my slowness.

Once more, very happy with the way everything performed this morning and feel confident that I’ll be able to commute through winter. May need to pick up one or two more pieces, but otherwise I think I’m good to go.

Clear, 43°F, Feels like 38°F, Humidity 8%, Wind 8mph from NNW – by

Total distance: 16.73 mi
Max elevation: 2941 ft
Min elevation: 1904 ft
Total climbing: 396 ft
Total descent: -1348 ft
Total time: 01:06:35

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