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Evening Commute – 2020.11.04

Two perfect nights in a row? Yes please! Another beautiful evening for a ride. Felt good the entire ride home if not a little on the slow side.

Witnessed some instant karma tonight. Was at Pecos and the 215 sitting at the red along with a Metro officer on his motorcycle. Someone exiting the 215 and turning left onto SB Pecos/St Rose ran the red. Our light turned green and Metro lit the guy up. Wonder if they were ticketed and if so if it was doubled since it was in a construction zone.

Clear, 80°F, Feels like 80°F, Humidity 18%, Wind 3mph from NE – by

Total distance: 16.81 mi
Max elevation: 3154 ft
Min elevation: 2222 ft
Total climbing: 1219 ft
Total descent: -374 ft
Average speed: 13.43 mi/h
Average cadence: 79 RPM
Average heart rate: 136 BPM
Average temperature: 72.86 °F
Total time: 01:30:34

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