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Morning Commute – 2020.11.04

Seeing that the temperature was only 58°F I’m surprised I didn’t feel cooler. It honestly felt at least 4-6 degrees warmer out there. I’ll take what I can get before the cold snap that is due to arrive this weekend.

Really nice and chill ride in. Felt good, relaxed and strong throughout.

Oh! On my commute home yesterday I lost my empty bottle of Gatorade out of my jersey pocket somewhere. Usually, I fill a bottle before I leave campus and place it in a recycle bin, but yesterday, as with many days, I forgot to bin it before leaving. Normally I hold on to them until either Reunion Park or the house, but last night I came home empty handed. When I left the house I thought maybe I’d spot it along the way and I can pick up after myself. Imagine my surprise when I spotted a Gatorade bottle along Maule Ave, near Sunset Park. I stopped and took a look and it matched the one I’d lost yesterday. So I picked it up, brought it to campus, and prompted put it into a recycle bin. Silly little thing that brightened my morning.

Clear, 58°F, Feels like 58°F, Humidity 37%, Wind 4mph from W – by

Total distance: 16.76 mi
Max elevation: 3034 ft
Min elevation: 2032 ft
Total climbing: 345 ft
Total descent: -1263 ft
Total time: 01:00:22

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