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Evening Commute – 2020.12.10

What an awful way to end the week. Heard the news about the accident south of Boulder City involving a large group of cyclists along southbound US-95. Hearing about something like that really puts things into perspective and makes you question your own mortality. My heart goes out to the friends and family of those who lost their lives today. I hope they passed doing something they love.

I love riding. I love commuting, but damn if there aren’t parts of my route that cause me pause. I catch myself riding dangerously in the name of saving a few seconds, maybe a few minutes. When I go out, commute or workout, my wife worries I won’t come home, and news like this doesn’t help matters. An event like this makes you stop and reevaluate your priorities.

All we can do is our best to be visible and ride safe. Be an ambassador for the sport of cycling. Say hello to everyone you pass while you ride. A driver makes a mistake shrug it off, let it go. Nothing you can say or do is going to change a driver’s behavior. You’re not going to teach them a lesson, and a road rage incident isn’t worth it.

Take a minute to make sure your loved ones know they’re loved.

Mostly Clear, 59°F, Feels like 59°F, Humidity 20%, Wind 4mph from SSE – by

Total distance: 16.74 mi
Max elevation: 3201 ft
Min elevation: 2216 ft
Total climbing: 1345 ft
Total descent: -450 ft
Average speed: 14.73 mi/h
Total time: 01:19:01

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