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Oh the humanity!

Kept coming up with excuses not to hit the road today. Biggest one was the left knee flaring up. Walking around if I over extend it I get a sharp pain. Nothing new really, but makes for a great excuse to not ride. Went out anyway and found that the knee problems are only when I’m walking so off I went. Did have a couple stabs of pain when I had to stop, but just make me more conscious of leg movement when stopping.

Once I was on the road things felt good. Felt really good actually. One of those things that if you’re really feeling it you just keep going. I was surprised how good I felt climbing up Horizon Ridge and the RMT Power Plant Climb. Legs really didn’t feel like they were falling apart until after I started south along Fort Apache. Even then the stats say several PRs and 2nd best efforts.

Made the mistake of not packing quite enough fuel for the ride. I brought 3 Clif bars and 2 bottles of water. Made one stop at the UPRR/RMT intersection for my first bar. Ate the second one after crossing over the 15 on Warm Springs. Then ate the final one at Mountains Edge Park while topping off the water bottles. Need to either get some gels or a few bags of gummi worms if I’m going to keep doing this kind of mileage.

The final climb up Democracy was tough, but flying down Chateau Clemont helps unload the legs. Rolled up to the house and was just about dead. Got the bike all put away, changed straight into house clothes, and started shoveling food into my face while relaxing on the couch.

Mostly Sunny, 46°F, Feels like 46°F, Humidity 21%, Wind 3mph from SSW – by
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Total distance: 76.37 mi
Max elevation: 3295 ft
Min elevation: 1818 ft
Total climbing: 4551 ft
Total descent: -4488 ft
Total time: 04:55:01

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