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Penny. Penny. Penny.

I knew early this morning I wanted to get in some miles today. After my daughter’s riding lesson, the weather was looking great and I was looking forward to hitting the road. However, when your sixteen year old daughter agrees to hang out and watch the UNLV basketball game, you watch the game.

Once the game was done I forced myself to get up and get moving. Since it was getting late I wanted to keep things short. This also allowed me to go out in summer gear since I would, hopefully, get back before the temperature started dropping. Thankfully, the timing worked out perfectly and I got home just as the sun was finally setting.

Sunny, 63°F, Feels like 63°F, Humidity 16%, Wind 7mph from W – by
Give your activities the names they deserve. – by

Total distance: 28.02 mi
Max elevation: 3221 ft
Min elevation: 2297 ft
Total climbing: 1785 ft
Total descent: -1771 ft
Average speed: 20.13 mi/h
Total time: 01:40:11

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