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Gosh, if I could just figure out that riddle. Why can’t I get it?

Can’t believe I did the “Water Tank R-15 Climb”. I’ve been through there before, but never went up to the tank. I blame Doug Reinhart for going up there and taking some pics yesterday from the gate. As my wife told me when I sent her mine, “Did you have FOMO?” I suppose I did.

With the weather being so beautiful I decided to head out and tackle RMT. Once that was done I had to figure out how to get home. Not wanting to double back on my ride out I flew down UPRR for some recovery and a nice break at Acacia park.

From there took Paseo Verde over to St Rose. I’d though of going all the way to LVB and then back through Via Inspirada, but decided against it as I was already deep into miles. Did make my way over to Democracy and took it all the way to the top which made for a nice freewheeling mile home.

Sunny, 61°F, Feels like 61°F, Humidity 17%, Wind 3mph from NW – by
Give your activities the names they deserve. – by

Total distance: 81.74 mi
Max elevation: 3308 ft
Min elevation: 1376 ft
Total climbing: 6145 ft
Total descent: -6061 ft
Total time: 05:42:50
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