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Morning Commute – 2021.02.17

Beautiful morning for a ride even with the mild head wind. Much better than yesterday. With the lighter wind I felt more confident to put on a little more speed. Yesterday I slowed it down a little because I was getting buffeted around, today not so much.

Highlight of the ride was the pair of coyotes I spotted on the south side of Sunset Park near where Maule Avenue enters the park. Quite the sight so deep into town.

Clear sky, 42°F, Feels like 32°F, Humidity 33%, Wind 8mph from ENE – by

Total distance: 16.73 mi
Max elevation: 3029 ft
Min elevation: 1982 ft
Total climbing: 457 ft
Total descent: -1419 ft
Average speed: 20.65 mi/h
Total time: 00:56:14

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