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Avenue of the Giants Century

What a way to cap off spring break.

Avenue of the Giants is a former US-101 alignment which is promoted as a 32 mile scenic alternative to the new freeway grade US-101. Last year I did an out and back, HERE, on my mountain bike and what a difference a year and gear makes.

I lifted this longer route from the organizers of the Tour of the Unknown Coast. This is the second of six rides they put on annually on the same day. It’s another absolutely beautiful ride that is totally worth the effort. Once you hit Avenue of the Giants, you spend the next 64 miles riding through majestic redwood forests. The pictures don’t do it justice.

Just like with the TUC, add this route to your bucket list. If you can do only one it’s difficult for me to put one above the other. If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime challenge that will push you way outside your comfort zone do the TUC. If you’re looking for an easier ride with amazing scenery and atmosphere do the Avenue of the Giants Century.

Cloudy, 41°F, Feels like 37°F, Humidity 95%, Wind 7mph from SE – by

Total distance: 105.12 mi
Max elevation: 319 ft
Min elevation: -66 ft
Total climbing: 5571 ft
Total descent: -5640 ft
Total time: 07:35:16
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