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Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.

Sitting around my Airbnb I finally got fed up and decided to get out and put some miles in. Once I drew up this route and started getting ready it started to rain. I decided to hell with it and went out in it anyway. Thankfully my gear did a great job keeping me warm and relatively dry. The worst of the weather came after turning around at the halfway point. I stuck it out and the rain started to let up and was completely manageable once I made the small climb at the end of Jetty Road.

My bike was a hot mess when I was done. Sections of Jetty Road were nothing more than hard pack gravel so I had to pull out a hose and rinse it down to get all the dirt and sand off. If I’d seen the hose earlier I would have hosed myself down as well because I was covered in sand from the knees down.

With everything ‘clean’ and drying I made a quick trip to a LBS for some chain lube to get something on my chain because it looked trashed. Gave the chain a good wipe down and lubed up enough to make it through the ride planned for tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

Scattered Showers, 51°F, Feels like 51°F, Humidity 80%, Wind 5mph from SSE – by
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Total distance: 36.45 mi
Max elevation: 253 ft
Min elevation: -551 ft
Total climbing: 2042 ft
Total descent: -2512 ft
Total time: 02:48:22
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