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Be careful who you call crazy. Some of us think it’s a compliment.

Had a great ride until my rear shifter/derailleur quit working leaving me stuck in my smallest two gears on the rear. Oh and of course it had to happen before the climbs around Lake Las Vegas. By some miracle was able to make it back to Lifetime, but wow was it a struggle. Nearly lost it at the Montelago Blvd round-a-bout trying to pick up time on the downhill. Not sure how but was able to keep it upright.

Afterwards, rode over to Swanny’s to have the rear looked at. Looks like the shifter is boned so going to try to warranty it. Sad no bike for a while. 🙁

Clear sky, 55°F, Feels like 48°F, Humidity 30%, Wind 5mph from WSW – by
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Total distance: 43.67 mi
Max elevation: 2965 ft
Min elevation: 1435 ft
Total climbing: 2016 ft
Total descent: -2648 ft
Total time: 02:49:49

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