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Evening Commute – 2021.06.10

One of the best things about having student employees is asking them for favors. Messaged one of my students asking them to pick up a replacement power meter battery on their way to campus, and just like that we’re back to normal.

Felt really good and strong on the way home, very similar to Tuesday’s ride. Big difference this time was no head wind. Was disappointed the 20 MPH winds out of the north fell through, but looking at the western mountains it’s probably for the best. Thankful that the morning winds out of the south died down for the ride home. Great way to end the week.

Have a fun commute challenge coming up on Monday, and have the next two Fridays off to burn up the last of my “use it or lose it” annual. Anyone interested in getting together for a spin on those days?

Start: Mostly sunny, 86°F, Feels like 79°F, Humidity 6%, Wind 6mph from SW
End: Sunny, 88°F, Feels like 81°F, Humidity 7%, Wind 4mph from NW – by

Total distance: 16.74 mi
Max elevation: 3148 ft
Min elevation: 2188 ft
Total climbing: 1286 ft
Total descent: -404 ft
Total time: 01:14:22

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