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UNLV SoM Commute – 2021.06.14

Was asked to visit the School of Medicine today to help update one of their computer labs. Had to leave earlier than usual, but getting all these miles in today made it worth it.

Commute to the SoM went really well. Always try to plan and expect for the worst, and thankfully that didn’t happen. The trip from SoM to my office on the main campus went really well too. I have to say I was surprised and impressed with how many roads along my route had dedicated bike lanes. Sure they would randomly appear and disappear, but I’ll take what I can get.

Ride home was hot, but the breeze and new gear actually made it surprisingly bearable. Was feeling it until I started climbing Sandy Ridge at Horizon Ridge. Definitely helps that my side of the road had spots shade. Gives me hope for more commuting miles later this week.

Mostly sunny-Sunny, 89°F-111°F, Feels like 83°F-103°F, Humidity 13%-4%, Wind ENE 3mph-SW 8mph – by

Total distance: 44.85 mi
Max elevation: 2993 ft
Min elevation: 1899 ft
Total climbing: 2209 ft
Total descent: -2153 ft
Total time: 12:09:40

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