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Morning Commute – 2021.06.15

Nice, steady, easy ride in this morning. Feeling super good and relaxed which was nice.

Saw a couple regulars, and had a special interaction with a fellow cyclist. Was coming up on the Pecos Legacy Climb and spotted another cyclist grinding their way up. When I cam up along side them I slowed up, turned back, and started rooting them on, “Come on man you got this! Go go go! Push it! It’s almost over! You’re nearly there! It’s all downhill from here!”.

This look of determination came over his face and he really bared down and finished strong. He came up and said, “Hey man thanks a lot I really needed that, I appreciate it.”

I replied, “No worries man. Great work! Keep it up and safe ride.” And I sped off to continue my commute.

He would catch me stopped at a red at Robindale, and as he made his right he said, “Hey man thanks again and have a great day.” I returned the salutation and like I’d done a really positive thing and hopefully brightened someone’s day.

Next time you’re out and see another cyclist, of course paint a target on their back and chase them down, but take some time to offer some words of encouragement it might make someone’s day. Maybe even your own.

Partly sunny-Mostly cloudy, 87°F-86°F, Feels like 82°F-80°F, Humidity 16%-10%, Wind WSW 3mph-WSW 4mph – by

Total distance: 16.75 mi
Max elevation: 2936 ft
Min elevation: 1985 ft
Total climbing: 388 ft
Total descent: -1255 ft
Total time: 00:54:55

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