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Evening Commute with Dentist Stop – 2021.06.15

Wow, just wow. I’m not sure what is more surprising, that I was able to complete this ride or how consistent I was compared to the last time I did this ride. Strava has me within a second and Garmin has moving time within 21 seconds. Seems crazy considering the difference in conditions.

Before leaving the office and the dentist I soaked my base layer and jersey. Putting on a soaking wet base layer in an air conditioned space is certainly a shock to the system, but once I hit the road it helped hold of the heat albeit temporarily. Made sure to keep hitting the bottle and salt while not pushing to hard to avoid knocking myself out. I feel I did a great job considering I home and I’m feeling amazing.

Mostly cloudy-Cloudy, 111°F-109°F, Feels like 103°F-102°F, Humidity 5%-6%, Wind NW 6mph-W 5mph – by

Total distance: 21.72 mi
Max elevation: 3107 ft
Min elevation: 2176 ft
Total climbing: 1448 ft
Total descent: -607 ft
Total time: 02:38:54

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