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Morning Commute – 2021.06.17

Nothing like a little late night bike maintenance to convince you to ride the next morning. Patched and reinstalled the punctured tube from yesterday and moved the new unpatched tube back into my down tube. Also degreased and lubed the chain since it’s been getting noisier.

Ride in went pretty well. Crazy hot for the time of day and I definitely noticed. Forced myself to dial it back some so I have enough leg to get home tonight. It’s been a heavier than usual week having logged 194 miles since Sunday, and the ride home tonight will put me over 200. Looking forward to resting on Friday and Saturday.

Mostly cloudy-Mostly cloudy, 96°F-93°F, Feels like 90°F-87°F, Humidity 12%-12%, Wind W 4mph-WSW 8mph – by

Total distance: 16.74 mi
Max elevation: 2936 ft
Min elevation: 1988 ft
Total climbing: 369 ft
Total descent: -1240 ft
Total time: 00:58:34

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