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Evening Commute to Subaru – 2021.06.28

Quick ride over to Subaru to pick up my car from the shop for regularly scheduled maintenance. Threw the bike in the back and drove home. Feel kinda dirty ‘only’ doing 8 some miles for an evening commute. The majority of the roads I was on were just garbage. Lucky for me I have 32s which helped some and I can only imagine what smaller would have felt like. Now for a nice relaxing evening before more miles tomorrow.

Mostly sunny-Mostly sunny, 104°F-104°F, Feels like 98°F-98°F, Humidity 9%-9%, Wind NNE 7mph-NNE 7mph – by

Total distance: 8.54 mi
Max elevation: 2652 ft
Min elevation: 2254 ft
Total climbing: 531 ft
Total descent: -142 ft
Total time: 00:39:43

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