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Morning Commute – 2021.06.30

Absolutely gorgeous morning, but holy humidity batman! I felt the humidity the minute I opened the garage door.

Ride in was really nice and had some decent interactions a couple drivers.

The construction of a new pedestrian bridge is still ongoing at St Rose and the 215. As part of that construction, the sidewalk I normally ride is closed. This forces me to move over into some pretty heavily trafficked travel lanes in order to continue north. I was in a closed travel lane and was coming into the heavy construction area. I slowed, looked back, and started waving/signaling that I needed over. Thankfully a large big rig slowed, activated their hazards, and the driver waved me over. I crossed into his lane, shoulder checked again, and moved into the northbound travel lane without issue. That driver received an enthusiastic wave from me in return for the kindness. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been considering moving into my needed travel lane as far back as Coronado Center, but I feel really exposed along that stretch. I’d have to ride from Coronado Center up to the first 215 intersection with a travel lane to my right. All along a section of road where drivers are notorious for gunning it up and trying to move over at the last minute to make the turn onto 215.

Had a similar interaction when moving into the left turn lane at Pecos and Warm Springs. I always start shoulder checking after the railroad tracks. This time a woman in an Outback spotted me signaling and slowed to allow me to move all the way over. All that kindness and respect was really refreshing.

Then, as the cherry on top, the gate at the east end of Maule was wide open again! I’m sure if anyone walking in the area had heard me hooting and hollering they would wonder what I was so excited about. It’s really the little things that can make or break a day.

Mostly cloudy-Mostly cloudy, 77°F-75°F, Feels like 78°F-76°F, Humidity 55%-54%, Wind N 3mph-NW 6mph – by

Total distance: 16.74 mi
Max elevation: 2948 ft
Min elevation: 1972 ft
Total climbing: 376 ft
Total descent: -1268 ft
Total time: 00:57:19

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