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Evening Commute – 2021.06.30

Ride home was pretty nice tonight. No real wind to speak of and the rain decided to hold off. The humidity was definitely higher and at every stop sweat would just start pouring off me. Starting out I was definitely feeling fatigued and the legs were complaining about working. Can’t remember when, but eventually they realized complaining wasn’t going to get them any relief and got with the program. Great way to wrap up the month.

Mostly sunny-Sunny, 90°F-94°F, Feels like 89°F-92°F, Humidity 30%-24%, Wind SSE 7mph-ESE 4mph – by

Total distance: 16.68 mi
Max elevation: 3004 ft
Min elevation: 2047 ft
Total climbing: 1279 ft
Total descent: -402 ft
Total time: 01:19:27

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